It is with pleasure that I share a comprehensive display of my creations. The works highlighted in my portfolio are organized into four categories and this page starts with an example of each.  Any of these pieces can be adapted to suit your taste and style, or serve as a foundation for further imagination.

Scroll, click and become inspired!

Pendants | Rings with wood | Metals combined | Gamer-inspired





Wood inlay in sterling silver

Thia pendant came to life from my inclination for ArtDeco . It featured Cocobolo wood in Sterling silver. It’s simply bold and clean!


Zirconia - Full Circle

This pendant features a round Cubic Zirconia tension-set in white gold. The unconventional way of setting the stone makes this piece one that is truly unique. Customize by using the stone of your liking!


Birthstone Treble Clef Pendant

The Treble Clef shape and the incorporation of a birthstone was the starting point in bring this piece together! The tension-set Ruby makes this Treble Clef truly unique!

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pendant ring blue wood.jpg

Pendant for wedding ring!

This pendant was made in lieu of a wedding ring! one of the parties of the happy couple wanted a pendant to symbolize the union with their partner. The blue dyed Manitoba Maple Burl wood inlay is in white gold!

princesscut zirconia pendnat in ss.jpg

The sword with a princess-cut

This pendant came together by overcoming a technical feats that once concurred make you wan


pink Sapphire in Sterling Silver

The shape, the style of setting, the lines of this pendant makes this piece of jewellery exquisite. While the stone in the photo is a synthetic pink sapphire, by using a stone of your liking this piece of jewellery can become a personal one.

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the centre of gravity

This pendant, made of sterling silver, holds an Amethyst that is 5mm in diameter. Once the idea sparked to suspend the setting in a horizontal way, finding the centre of gravity seemed natural. Birthstone customization is encouraged.


Blue Sapphire in white gold


Suspended in the air

About 6 months went by from the time I first thought and the time I finished creating this pendant. It is special in every aspect. The large stone that is a princess cut cubic zirconia. It is not set in a conventional way. It’s



Rings with wood



Honduras Rose wood in White gold



This simple yet sophisticated ring came to life as a result to a custom request. It contains Cocobolo wood in Sterling Silver!


The Interlocker

This two-part White gold ring set was made to be wearable as one ring or separately, depending on the occasion!

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Cognac Diamonds + 18karat yellow gold = cocobolo wood

The choice of alloy and the colour of diamonds was defined by the colorus of the wood grain in the Cocobolo wood.


Bubinga in Gold

While this ring emanates elegance it entails all that is technical. The combination of Bubinga wood, different colors of gold alloys, the enclosed eternity set and the diamond set inside the ring makes t[o be simply striking!


The Interlocker 2.0

The stones in this 2.0 version of the interlocking ring series have been stones from an inherited ring. The sentimental value of the inherited ring is now are physically present in the everyday life in this stunning two-part ring

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maple in white

Let that be flat or domed in cross senction, when it comes to the rings in this set is a great example in which the the grain of the maple wood is shown off at its best!


The game changer- 2.0

while this ring has a wide variety of elements, such as yellow Sapphires, Cocobolo wood, gold alloys such as 18karat yellow and white, 14karat white, it sure speaks of balance, coordination and precision.


The Game changer

The title for this series- that started with this ring- gets its relevance from elements and the way they are combined. This is a great example to prove that there is such thing as simple and exclusive!

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Metals Combined



three shades of gray

This Sterling Silver with the white gold inlay combination created the perfect medium to show off this baguette cut diamond giving way to a perfect balance!


the arrow of the Camino

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Triforce of round Diamonds

These rings have come to life as result of a couple’s custom request. They were inspired by my gaming inspired creations! Feel free to order your own or contact me to customize them to your liking!


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